UK Packaging Awards 2022

We're pleased to have been shortlisted in all four categories alongside our sister brand Motif, and for Motif to have won Reusable Pack of the Year is a fantastic achievement.

As a relatively new brand, to win such a prestigious award for our packaging design is great. We are a dynamic and responsive brand with the ambition to elevate traditional confectionery into objects of desire through beautiful, sustainable packaging. Within the category, there was a gap for innovation, for something aspirational and keepable for those that are appreciative of design and inspired by their purchases. There has been an increasing number of chocolate brands pushing to be design led but their packaging is still inevitably disposable. With Motif we’re filling that gap by giving you a product that is not only stunning and delicious but keepable, collectible and reusable.

Robyn Fairweather, Motif Brand Manager

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